Inspired by the Celtic beginning of Spring “Imbolc”, on February 1st, we at OpenStreetMap Ireland are inviting you to a month-long spring clean on openstreetmap.org. We understand “spring cleaning” as an effort of quality insurance which is of course very important when working with a dataset used the world over. […]

February 2022: Community Spring Clean

About Working Groups Much of the day-to-day management of OpenStreetMap is handled by Working Groups. These are operated by volunteers motivated by a common theme. Many of the key services of OSM, like keeping the servers running, have traditionally been operated by specific Working Groups. These WGs are in principle […]

OSM Ireland Working Groups

OpenStreetMap Ireland are happy to be working with OSMUK board who have set their quarterly target to map buildings in the north. A new mission/task has been created on the OSM Ireland Task Server to keep mapping coordinated. The City of Derry/Londonderry sits on the river Foyle, only a few […]

OSMUK Mapping Task

We are having a virtual “map and chat” event: Thursday the 20th of January, 8pm. This will be a casual event for some mapping and conversation around OSM. All welcome, no prior experience with OpenStreetMap required. Details: https://osmcal.org/event/1135/Location: https://chat.openstreetmap.iePassword: open

Map and Chat Online Meetup

2021 was a busy year for OpenStreetMap Ireland. With the primary focuses being the OSMF Microgrant project and OSM Ireland Buildings project it was supporting. OSMF Microgrant We received just shy of €2000 in September of 2020 from the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF). With the project running for one calendar year, […]

2021 in Review OpenStreetMap Ireland

Observers of our current project, the mapping of the Wild Atlantic Way, will have spotted that things are a little delayed. There are a few reasons for this, but one relates to the fact that it is, indeed, a bit Wild in places and that it can be hard to […]

Wild Atlantic Way – an update

OpenStreetMap is not merely a map of roads, buildings, land uses, coastal areas and mountain tops. OpenStreetMap contains many hidden treasures, which take the form of wonderful and obscure boundaries. These have been added by Ireland’s OpenStreetMap contributors, in the hope that such things will provide some context to places, […]

Cantabular: a new use-case for OpenStreetMap

The financial year of 2020 was the first year of trading for OpenStreetMap Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee. The financial year ran from the 20th of November 2018, to the 30th of April 2020. All revenue from for the financial year was generated from memberships. Euro GBP Memberships: Student: 2 […]

OpenStreetMap Ireland Financials 2020

Openstreetmap Ireland is proud to announce our new Youtube page for videos related to mapping on the island of Ireland, starting with a tutorial for a complete beginner to start contributing to the Building Ireland project which can be watched here. We will be putting out more in-dept tutorials for […]

YouTube channel Launch

We are currently working to arrange events around the island of Ireland for 2020, in coordination with our new community project that will be announced soon. There will be mixture of online events and events around the island of Ireland, similar to 2019 that collaborate with universities, a hackerspace and […]

Events for 2020

As mentioned in the post on the Newry mapathon high quality drone imagery was available to map with. Here is a tutorial on how to access it and use it in the ID editor or JOSM for mapping. To access this wonderful imagery go to www.openaerialmap.org, first go to click […]

Using drone imagery of Newry

The Saturday after the Newry Mapathon it was back down to NUI Galway, and the Insight centre, which after our presentation and workshops a couple of months before, held an OSM event as part of the Galway Science & Technology Festival. Local, veteran mapper and the ever busy Dave Corley, […]

Community Event – NUI Galway

On the 16th of Nov Newry Digital, a group dedicated to building the local tech community held an OpenStreetMap Mapathon event as part of their work to build up employment in the area. There was attendance from children to adults who know about the place from the groups work running […]

Community Event in Newry

In 2008 the State of the Map was held in Limerick, Ireland and ever since there have been utters and suggestions that there should be an official local chapter in Ireland. Roll on to State of the Map 2019 and OSM Ireland has now recognised by the Open Street Map […]

OSM Ireland is now an official chapter!!

Well we have finally hit 95% townland coverage for the entire island!!  It definitely feels like we are on the home stretch now and will hit 100% coverage in a few months time.  The following is a screen-shot from www.townlands.ie   And a map showing the areas which have still […]

Targets hit this week – 24th May 2016

OpenStreetMap (OSM) Ireland members will meet Saturday 23rd of April in Dublin and do OSM mappy stuff on laptops in TOG. Like an indoor mapping party / hack day / social meet up / barcamp. If you’d like to learn more about OpenStreetMap, come along! Want to start mapping your […]

Meet Up – April 2016

I’ve been meaning to write about OpenStreetMap Ireland‘s townland mapping project for some time. It’s a wonderful example of how historical maps are of significant value in creating really useful data on OpenStreetMap which is just as relevant as it today as was in the past. The immediate reason for […]

Irish Vice Counties