AEDs are a crucial aid in enabling individuals to survive an Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA). As of 2019, ~1800 AEDs (of an estimated 10,000 deployed) are known to the National Ambulance Service of Ireland. In Northern Ireland, ~ 2313 AEDs are known to Northern Ireland Ambulance Service

This is an effort to map all the AEDs in Ireland with a view of supporting the community first responder (CFR) organisations in Ireland. We intend to partner with the relevant organisations that maintain databases of deployed AEDs

Knowledge shared by the National Ambulance Service of Ireland (NAS) indicated that most AEDs are privately owned and managed. Governance and management is done at a local level in most cases (e.g. local shop, community group, hospital, pharmacy, etc).

There are generally two types of AEDs deployed in Ireland:

  • Static – stored in a fixed location (typically in a cabinet fixed to the wall inside or outside).
  • Mobile – stored in a vehicle for rapid deployment (e.g. if the emergency services contact a community first responder).

Tools is a useful tool for locating AEDs and for adding new ones to the map.



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