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Drogheda Task Finished

The Drogheda task was finished on November 6th 2023, but is still awaiting some validation. The task comprised of Drogheda town and rural areas to the north of the town. It had, once again, been Read more…

Bray Task Finished

The Bray task (#13) was one of the many tasks started in 2019, but parked in 2020, because too many unfinished tasks seemed too daunting. It was finished on November 9th within very few days Read more…

Co. Meath finished

5:58pm on October 30th 2023, b-unicycling declared the mapping of Co. Meath in the TaskManager as “finished”. Of course that only means that the tiles had reached the status of “mapped”, a lot of validation Read more…

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OpenStreetMaps is for everyone. Anyone can add information. You can start as easily as adding a postbox, defibrillator or naming a shop.

Mapping Tools

There are a variety of tools that can be used for contributing, analysing and visualising. Some of our favourites include:
No Computer, No Problem

No Computer, No Problem

Mobile Contributions

You can still contribute to the map without a computer. Our favourite mobile tools are StreetComplete (Android) and OSM



Street View, but Open

If you would like to contribute street view imagery we recommend Mapillary. The street images from Mapillary can then be used to help with mapping tasks.

Overpass Turbo

Overpass Turbo

To query the map

Overpass Turbo is a tool for advanced users and allows running queries against the map database. An example might be to show all car parks in an area.



Desktop Map Editor

JOSM is a Java application that can be used on Linux, Mac or Windows. This is an advanced tool for quicker editing for those who want to move on from the ID editor.



Tasks we are working on

We regularly run task missions to map particular places or themes. The OSM Ireland Task website is the best place to monitor what needs done.

Go Global

Go Global

Humanitarian Mapping

Provide map data to revolutionise disaster management, reduces risk, and contribute to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Upcoming mapathons are listed on EventBrite here. We try to hold monthly online sessions to chat and learn from others.

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