Using drone imagery of Newry 1

As mentioned in the post on the Newry mapathon high quality drone imagery was available to map with. Here is a tutorial on how to access it and use it in the ID editor or JOSM for mapping.

To access this wonderful imagery go to, first go to click on the blue ‘start exploring’ button, which will bring you to a page that shows a image of the world. At the top of the page, put newry into the search bar, then click on a square in the middle of the city. On the left hand side the first option should be titled Newry CITY Core, by Conor Graham. Click on that and it should overlay the central map. while giving extra information in the left pane. One of the options is ‘Open in’ and iD editor, which should be available if you are signed into your account with the same browser. The link for JOSM doesn’t automatically bring it in there and requires a few more steps.

To do this, look for the ‘copy image url’, ‘TMS’, click on it once, go into JOSM, then imagery, preferences, add TMS. Put the link in the top box, name the tileset in the bottom box. Import the data layer from as normal and select the new name from the drop down menu in imagery. It may take awhile for it to load, they are very detailed!

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One thought on “Using drone imagery of Newry

  • John Mack

    Cheers for the post, I have a drone and a few new housing esates in the area, now all I have to do is wait for my time off to coincide with good weather.