The week long event mixes a focus on a particular task and online events that help boast mapping skills.

Monday 20th Cork
Tuesday 21st Derry
Weds 22nd Galway
Thursday 23rd Limerick
Friday 24th Newry
Saturday 25th Drogheda
Sunday 26th Derry
Monday 27th Cork
But feel free to map other places as well.

The first online event was held by Rorym (@lalonde), with their top 5 mapping tips on 20:00 (IST +1), Monday.

Eduardo Neerhut(Mapillary), 12-1(IST +1), Tuesday. Mapillary for detection of details to help osm_buildings.

Colin McAndrew and Tom Finucane, 20:00(IST +1), Wednesday. Tagging and disabilities. The importance of tagging for people with disabilities.

Shawn Day, 12-12.40 (IST +1), Thursday. The role and importance of HOT Validation.

Heikki Vesanto, 17:00-18:00(IST +1), Friday. Using #QGIS and the Overpass API.

Ciaran Staunton on Saturday 12-12.40, Mapping in the City Centres,

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asd · 05-Jul-2020 at 11:31

have the talks been taken down or do you need an account to view?

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