Collaboration with Blueprint Reprographics

OSM member Brian Hollinshead with Pat Dunne of Blueprint. The map in the photo is Town Plan of Edenderry, surveyed 1910-11 and re-printed in 1933 at a scale of 1:1056 (5ft to one mile).

One of our members, Brian Hollinshead, has been doing stellar work gathering out-of-copyright map sheets for use in updating OSM data around Ireland, one example being the Townland boundaries.

The biggest issue with using these sheets is often its quite difficult to get them scanned to an appropriate quality to allow use with software, mainly due to the physical size. There are only a few machines in the country capable of this process and fewer still that OpenStreetMap Ireland has access to.

Thankfully, this is where Blueprint Reprographics comes in.

After discussions between Brian and Pat Dunne of Blueprint Reprographics, Pat has offered the use of their scanning equipment to allow for additional scanning to be completed.

Brian and Pat will complete scanning of selected sheets from the collection including 6 inch, larger scale sheets showing towns and villages and some town plan maps for present and future OSM use prior to offering the paper sheets to National and Local Libraries (more on this in future posts).

The folks at Blueprint offer a wide array of services and specialise in stationery, printing, copying and full drawing office services.

You can find them at 3 Old Dublin Road (opposite shopping centre), Stillorgan, Co. Dublin or give them a shout at 01 2889398 or


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I have been an active member of the OpenStreetMap community in Ireland for several years. I am also a project lead on the #MapLesotho project

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