Our little group had gotten some promotion on the local radio station Community Radio Kilkenny City or CRKC where Anne aka b-unicycling was interviewed last week (listen back on Souncloud) about the group and OpenStreetMap in general.

We met tonight in Bollard’s Bar where five people attended, four of which are more or less experienced mappers (amongst them Vincent de Phily); one was a farmer who had heard about it on the radio. He had been/ is involved in the Kilkenny Fieldnames Project, and was kind enough to provide the fieldnames on his farm for the record on OpenStreetMap:

Map showing field names in Clonmoran
See this place on OpenStreetMap

They contained some interesting family names which might be recorded in the Griffith Valuation or other genealogical sources. Other names referred to the use of the field (The Paddock, The Orchard) and a landmark, a castle. Some details like stiles, the location of a former pump, an apple house, a jostle stone etc were also recorded. Liam was a great help in the “Field Names Clinic”, a concept we will probably continue in further meetings, when people turn up with their field names. He also pointed out other things which can be mapped like benchmarks and mass paths. Unfortunately, no mass path is known in the vicinity.

Field names, the mapping of them and copyright and privacy issues around them were topics, again.

Other attendees worked on mapping tower houses in Co. Kilkenny, as advertised on the radio, trying to find unmapped ones and adding ref:IE:smr as a reference to the Sites and Monuments Record to already mapped ones. If anyone feels like continuing on that, these are the ones still needing attention: http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/1xDP.

Newly added details to the Historic Environment Viewer were duly noted around St. Mary’s Church in Callan and Callan in general.

Martin made good progress mapping the parishes.

We are thinking of providing a “heritage mapping clinic” for Heritage Week in August, but details like location and in some ways format still need to be determined. Please check the OSM Calendar closer to Heritage Week as well as the Heritage Week website.


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