OpenStreetMap Ireland was recently selected as one of the recipients of a OSMF 2020 microgrant. Our application: Microgrants 2020 – Proposal – OSM Ireland Buildings. To encourage as many people as possible to take part in the OSM Ireland Buildings project. Where we are adding all of Ireland’s roughly 5.5 million buildings to OpenStreetMap as a community effort.

To encourage this we will be giving away stickers for milestone achievements.

These are now ready to ship out.

OSM Ireland Stickers

Based on the buildings mapped in central Dublin.

All you need to do to get a sticker is map a tile on our tasking manager:
OSM Ireland Buildings

Then apply for a sticker (we post to anywhere in the world and it is completely free):
Google Form

The levels are:

BronzeFirst tiles completed and verified in the tasking manager
Silver10 tiles completed
Gold100 tiles completed
Platinum1000 tiles completed
Validator150 tiles validated
OSM Ireland Building Achievements
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