So at the last meetup one thing everyone agreed was that we need to get moving on forming into a proper entity. Its something that has been spoken about off an on for the last 2 years and something which we have done little about. With that in mind, I spent most of the meetup working on the website


Clive originally designed the logo on this site but pointed out in a recent email that it was something that was intended as a placeholder only and that a better logo is probably achievable.


On that basis, using the recent JOSM & Hot logo competition parameters as a guideline, I’d like to announce a competition for a new logo for OpenStreetMap Ireland. This logo will primarily be used on the website and twitter, however in time and with the right resources there’s no reason it wouldn’t end up on stickers, t-shirts etc. On to the competition guidelines


Competition Rules
  • The competition is open to anyone. Entrants can be an individual or team of people, even a design company
  • Entries must be in SVG format
  • Entry designs should be emailed to me at as attached SVG file(s) with a subject line of “Logo entry from XYZ”
  • Entries must be received before midnight GMT on 17th July 2015
  • Artists can make variations of other public domain artwork, although credit must be given where credit is due (and credit will be given when the winner is chosen)
  • Individuals are allowed to submit multiple entries, but you are encouraged to put work into one or two designs, and no more than five.
  • The winning design will be chosen by a community vote to be held during a one week period from 20th-26th July 2015
  • The winning design will be announced on 01st Aug 2015
  • Have fun!


Design Brief

Conceptual Suggestions
  • Remember, OpenStreetMap Ireland is a cross border group so steer clear of a design that is overtly Southern or Northern focused
  • The logo should use the current OpenStreetMap logo as a basis, but don’t let that constrain your design, some out of the box surreal design might look awesome but then something super simple might look just as good so don’t dismiss anything
  • You may find inspiration among other community designs at  or the JOSM competition enteries
Where will the logo be used?
  • The twitter account
  • We will also use the logo in the homepage
  • Other electronic materials, proposal documents, presentation slides etc.
  • It may get used on printed materials: Letter headings, small stickers (‘’ size), large stickers (to go on boxes), T-shirts.
  • Any other creative uses by the community promoting OpenStreetMap in Ireland.
Design requirements
  • Vector – The design must be available in a vector format. If you do not know how to create SVG, team up with someone who does.
  • Copyright. You must be willing and able to waive all rights to your design, handing over copyright ownership to OpenStreetMap Ireland, granting them a complete and irrevocable right to use, adapt, distribute the work. Of course, we intend to allow all use and re-use, but we may at some point need to register the design as a trademark. Let’s do away with any awkward legal barriers up front. We also promise the winning artist(s) will be credited, including a link of their choice, on the blog, but beyond that we do not guarantee any attribution, and certainly don’t want to require it for downstream uses.
  • Square – We’re looking for a logo which fits OK in a square area. This is to fit with the twitter requirement and also moo stickers. The logo itself doesn’t need to be square shape, but should look OK occupying a square area. Text can be added in various configurations afterwards (e.g. to the right of the logo, to form a horizontal strip for the top of the homepage)
Best of luck!
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I have been an active member of the OpenStreetMap community in Ireland for several years. I am also a project lead on the #MapLesotho project