Below are a collection of videos relating to OpenStreetMap and Ireland. These range from animations of mapping activity to presentations given by OpenStreetMap Ireland community members.

OSM Ireland Presentations

Brian Hollinshead – Apr 2016

Brian gave a presentation to the Offaly Historical Society on all things OSM and how it can be used by and be of benefit to, those interested in historical sites


SOTM – State of the Map Presentations

SOTM EU 2014

Rory McCann gave a lightening talk on his work to meet Joyce’s challenge to “Cross Dublin without passing a pub”

Slides available here

SOTM 2013

A state of Ireland presentation by Richard Cantwell in Birmingham

Slides available here

SOTM 2008

An earlier State of Ireland presentation on the progress of OpenStreetMap in Ireland. Incidently, SOTM 2008 was held in Limerick. To view more information about this event check out the SOTM 2008 page on the OpenStreetMap wiki

Data Visualisations

Using MapCraft to coordinate the work, 12 people mapped over 10,000 buildings in 36 hours in Galway. The following video, created by Derrick Rethans to mark the event, shows the progress of building mapping during this event.